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Prince Charles Wharf Extension, Dundee

DATE: February, 2017

Maxx Piling supplied almost 330 tonne of Larssen Steel Sheet Piling to support the construction work being completed at the Prince Charles Wharf Extension at Dundee Port from February 2017.

The existing structure had not been operational for approximately 13 years and had suffered significant failures both during the original construction (2002) and after initial remedial works were undertaken.

These works planned to restore the wall and quayside to full operational use and provide an enhanced level of deck loading than had been originally designed for. The quayside development is approximately 200m long and an operational area of 40m wide will be created by introducing new piling, tie rods and precast concrete units.

Photos courtesy of South Bay Civil Engineering Ltd.

Prince Charles Wharf Extension Prince Charles Wharf Extension Prince Charles Wharf Extension