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Clutch Sealant

Maxx Piling has the facilities and experienced staff to apply clutch sealants to Steel Sheet Piles prior to delivery. We can also just supply sealants if required.

Pertex ST® and Biguma® – SV Sealant can be applied to all Steel Sheet Sections.

Pertex ST®

Pertex ST is a highly elastic joint filling compound based on Elastomer-modified Bitumen. Due to its excellent adhesion to Steel, Pertex ST is a great choice for sealing Steel Sheet Pile interlocks as it ensures a permanent elastic watertight connection. Another benefit of Pertex ST is the fact it does not contain substances that leach in water and can therefore be used in drinking water catchment areas. With its simple application and unlimited shelf life, Pertex ST reduces leakage by up to 95% in Sheet Piled Walls.


Biguma sealant is a hot applied joint sealant for sealing the joints of Steel Sheet Piles before installation especially in sandy foundations. In most circumstances Biguma sealant is a cheaper alternative to other sealants. Biguma exhibits high adhesive strength and can be simply applied. The Steel Sheet Piles can be processed directly after the joint sealant has cooled off (approx 1 Hour).

Clutch Sealant