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Clutch Sealant

Maxx Piling has the facilities and experienced staff to apply clutch sealants to Steel Sheet Piles prior to delivery. We also hold plenty of stock in our depots, for immediate dispatch.

Maxx Expanding Seal

Maxx Expanding Sealant is a hydrophilic swelling sealant for watertight sheet pile joints. There are numerous advantages to this sealant but one of its biggest selling points is the fact it can be applied on site using an electric caulking gun.

This means there is no requirement for melting pots and kettles on site, which is a huge benefit in terms of site health and safety. Due to its special formulation, Maxx Expanding Sealant can be applied onto moist surfaces or even in underwater applications and will expand to 350% of its original volume once in contact with moisture.


Biguma sealant is a hot applied joint sealant for sealing the joints of Steel Sheet Piles before installation especially in sandy foundations. In most circumstances Biguma sealant is a cheaper alternative to other sealants. Biguma exhibits high adhesive strength and can be simply applied. The Steel Sheet Piles can be processed directly after the joint sealant has cooled off (approx 1 Hour).

Clutch Sealant

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