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U & Z Steel Sheet Piling

Steel Sheet Piles have been used for ground support for over 100 years, their Versatility, Reliability and Strength has been paramount to their success and constant use in the construction industry. In recent years the Steel Sheet Pile has been substantially improved, becoming more cost effective due to an increased strength and reduction in weight. The modern Steel Sheet Pile is manufactured in two different shapes, The U Profile and Z Profile, both used worldwide.

At Maxx Piling we offer both U and Z profile Steel Sheet Piles from stock and direct from the Mill. Within these profiles there are many different sections available to cater for all ground conditions.

U Profile Steel Sheet Piling

Maxx Piling offers a large range of U type Steel Sheet Piles from Stock. U Profile, also known as Larssen Steel Sheet Piling is commonly used in both permanent and temporary structures.

U Steel Sheet Piling

Z Profile Steel Sheet Piling

Maxx Piling offers an extensive range of Z sections, most often used in permanent works. Supplied in singles, loose or crimped pairs. Z profiles, in many instances give a greater strength to weight ratio over U type Piles.

Z Steel Sheet Piling