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Clutch Sealant

Maxx Piling has the facilities and experienced staff to apply clutch sealants to Steel Sheet Piles prior to delivery. We can also just supply sealants if required.

WADIT® and Biguma® – SV Sealant can be applied to all Steel Sheet Sections.


Wadit® Pile Sealant is a non-toxic substance made from natural sources. Wadit® Sealant prevents soil elements from entering and causing the Sheet Piles to seize during installation. Wadit ® is a globally trusted Sheet Piling interlock sealant that can be used with all types of hot rolled and cold formed Sheet Piling interlocks. Proven to be able withstand all weather conditions from tropical to arctic. Wadit® sealant is a smart choice sealant from a cost, safety and convenience standpoint. Another benefit of Wadit® sealant is it is possible to drive piles 5 minutes or 3 months after sealant has been installed.


Biguma® sealant is a hot applied joint sealant for sealing the joints of Steel Sheet Piles before installation especially in sandy foundations. In most circumstances Biguma® sealant is a cheaper alternative to other sealants. Biguma® exhibits high adhesive strength and can be simply applied. The Steel Sheet Piles can be processed directly after the joint sealant has cooled off (approx 1 Hour).

Clutch Sealant